The Return of the Tuxedo: Oscars Recap

The past few years have shown a decline in traditional dress for weddings and other formal functions. This is changing.

Hollywood and all it’s gorgeousness typically sets the trends we all love to follow. Did anyone catch the Oscar’s this past weekend? Wow. Put already gorgeous people in a fitted tuxedo, a bowtie is just the icing on the cake.

Oscar's in Ivory

Long gone are the days of the scratchy, boxy, and all too perfectly matched vest and tie. Don’t expect to see the same boring black tuxedo everywhere.

blu3 blu1 blu2
Black has been replaced by midnight blue, shades of ivory, grey’s and even tan. Soft, silk woven garments, complimented in neutral accessories are the new “now”

blu3 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? blu2


The pure fit and styling showcased by A-list celebs at Sunday’s award show allows for personality and personal style to really shine through. This concept can be applied to your wedding or any formal function.

Movies like Great Gatsby and American Hustle really started this new standard of formal dress. The Return of the Tuxedo.

gatsby3 gatsby1 gatsby2

What can we take from all this? Don’t feel like you have to be so casual. Although you can wear whatever you are comfortable in- It’s your wedding day. When else will you get to wear a tuxedo? There is something about a guy, dressed to the nines, that will make a women weak in the knees.

You only have one wedding day, a celebration of you. Might as well dress for the occasion. Tan pants and a tie can be worn to church. A tuxedo can be worn to a wedding. We are so excited, The Return of the Tuxedo.




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