Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

I’m super excited about my recent engagement! We will be planning a June 2015 wedding. We have secured our church, reception venue, and I already have my gown. What is the next step? I don’t want to get too carried away, however, I want to make sure I am not forgetting about anything. What do you think? 

Any suggestions would be great, Thank you. 

– Mrs. 2015

Mrs. 2015-

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! How exciting for you and your whole family. Wedding planning is one of the most fun and emotional experiences you will go through together.

It sounds like you are right on track. A few ideas come to mind you might want to consider, wedding dates do fill up fast- as do some of the most preferred vendors. Have you hired a photographer yet? If so, consider doing an engagement session. Sending a photo save-the-date a year in advance is a great idea. This will let your future wedding guests know about the event so they can plan their schedules accordingly. Another fun thing to do right now is to make a wedding website. It will let your guests, family and friends stay up to date on all the details of your celebration.

Since you already have your perfect wedding gown, it’s a good idea to peek at bridesmaid styles. Styles don’t change too much in the course of a year and it can be a fun bonding or get-to-know each other experience for you and your girls.

Best of luck planning,

Miss. B.

Miss B, 

I have a gown dilemma. I have my choices narrowed down to two selections at two different shops. I seriously could see myself getting married in either one, and I like them equally.  One is a tulle ballgown with crystals and beading all over the bodice. The other is a sleek satin a-line style. It is very simple but the ruching is very flattering on my fuller figure. Price really isn’t an option. Help! I need to get this crossed off my list and don’t know how to make the right choice! 



Dear, Can’t-I-just-wear-two

Your situation is never an easy one to deal with. You are not the first or last bride who will be in this spot. So many brides go out shopping with unicorns dancing on rainbows in their minds. They think there will be just an “Yes, this is my dress” moment… for so many, this is not the case. It comes down to pros and cons.

First of all, what kind of venue do you have? If you are getting married outside or on a beach, a ballgown might not be the best idea. Having a large fancy wedding at a cathedral church? You might consider wearing a show stopping gown accessorized accordingly. Since you feel equally awesome in both gowns, think of the type of wedding you are having and dress accordingly. You wouldn’t wear a party dress to the movies or sweats to church on Sunday morning.

Secondly, what about the shops? Are the staff at both places equally welcoming? You want to work with people who genuinely care about you and your wedding. You will be seeing a lot of these people during your planning. It’s going to be a more pleasant experience if you are working with friends rather than just someone trying to make a sale off your wedding.

If all else fails, ask for the opinions of friends and family. There is only one thing you want to think about before doing this though: Do you truly want their opinion? People can be mean. Also, it’s impossible to please everyone- impossible. Don’t even try or you will be sadly defeated.

Remember, this is your day. Your dress. Your decision.


Miss B.

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