Gown Shopping 101: The Bridal Appointment

First comes the ring, then comes THE DRESS!

Your appointment is set, now what? 


Plan to show up at least 10 minutes early. This gives you enough time to situated before everything begins. A typical bridal appointment is scheduled to last about 90 minutes. Sometimes, you won’t need that long and that is okay. You might find “The One” and won’t need to continue your search. Or maybe, the store you are shopping just doesn’t have a good selection of your style to preview. Make sure to keep in mind your time though, chances are- the shop has appointments coming after you. You want to be polite to other brides.


What to bring:

Having your hair somewhat up or at least some clips/pins along might be a good idea. Chances are you will try on a few headpieces or veils with the styles. You want to get an idea for the whole picture. Shoes and undergarments are other items that will come in handy. Although the shop will likely have a strapless bra, chances are the one you have at home will fit you best. Shoes that have the approximate heel height are smart choice too. It paints the entire picture and can also gauge weather or not you might need a hem.

bring4 bring1 bring2 bring3

Friends and Family:

Bringing a small entourage is a great idea- a small entourage. Bringing too many people with you may add stress to your appointment. Everyone has different tastes and ideas of what they think you should have for your special day. Bringing with a few trusted people will surely ease the process and help keep the decision less stressful. If you are having a hard time deciding- have your consultant write the styles down and bring back a fresh group on another day.

Now What? ughbring2 bring1 bring4


Not to be enjoyed while trying on dresses, but gown shopping is hard work! Make sure to bring some water and even a snack with you. Nothing can make a great day stressful more than hunger or thirst!



Bring your tablet or phone with. Chances are you have a pinterest board with ideas on it. This helps your consultant see what your vision is and she can better find your dress for you. Trying on the entire store can be exhausting. Your consultant might have you in one style when you know what you are already seeking.

bring4 bring1 bring2 bring3


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