Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away! What are you and your sweetheart doing to celebrate? Maybe it’s your first special holiday together as a married couple, the last before your big day- or simply just a regular Valentine’s Day .

There are 3 major ways to show your love- Over the Top- Middle of the Road- Subtle but Sweet. How will you celebrate?

Over the top

Maybe last year you “under-did” Valentine’s Day a little bit.. You purchased a standard card and box of chocolates and the day was nothing to be remembered. You are not making that mistake again!

Imagine your sweetheart waking up to a sexy love note. This is then followed by delivered flowers and a singing Valentine group. A fancy 5 course dinner for two and then dessert. In a hotel suite complete with chocolates, rose petals, and a bottle of champagne.

overthetop3 overthetop1 Overthetop2

Middle of the road

Maybe your are not “over the top” in your planning but still want to make the holiday something ultra special. How about some homemade cookies, a card from scratch and a well thought out poem?

middle of the road2 middle of the road middle of the road1

Subtle but sweet

So your not the ultra romantic type but still want your lover to feel special. You want to show a small token of your appreciation for their love but don’t have the time or the resources to go crazy. A nice relate-able card and some flowers do go a long way.

overthetop1 overthetop2

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