Get your sexy on…for the groom! by Yvonne Denault

In the spirit of Valentines Day ❤


Get your sexy on…for the groom!


Get your sexy on…for the groom!
You may have heard the latest trend in gift-giving for the groom is boudoir photography. What is a boudoir photo and why the popularity? Whether flirty or demure, there is a look for every woman to showcase her inner and outer beauty in photos for her husband-to-be.

By: Yvonne Denault / Yvonne Denault Photography

What is boudoir photography?
As women, we dare to dream about looking and feeling unbelievably sexy in pretty, lacy lingerie and become the supermodel we see in the pages of fashion magazines and catalogues. A boudoir photo session allows you to fulfill that dream for a day, and to gift the resulting photos to that special man in your life! Boudoir photography should be tasteful and can range from wearing elegant lingerie for a sizzling look — to classic pin-up inspired couture…

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