2014: Resolve to stay motivated!

The new year, a new beginning, a way to start fresh.

Start 2014 off on the right foot: This is the year you will stick to your resolution

Motivation is half the battle and everyone has something they want to work on a bit. Below are some simple steps you can take to make sure your resolution lasts long into 2014.

1. Set Goals- take baby steps

Say you want to lose that 10 lbs. For those of us who have tried and tried again, this is easier said than done. Knowing that, take baby steps. Make a list 1-10 – each “goal” or (pound) you accomplish- add $5 to a jar. By the time you are done you would have $50. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi or some new shoes. Baby steps or smaller goals within your large goal will keep you motivated for the long haul.


2. Tell the world! or maybe just your Facebook family.

There is nothing more motivating than the support of others. The more people you share with the more people you have to support you along the way. Post pictures of your success to your wall, share your ups and downs, you will be surprised. When the pictures and “updates” stop coming- people will ask why. This will keep you motivated not to fail.



3. Keep a journal 

Record your accomplishments or feelings into a journal or daily log. Even just a 1-10 day rating will help you. Then, you can look back and reflect on the week to see what made each a day a success or a failure. Maybe a bad day at work led to a food binge or that phone call from Mom led you on a joyous trip down memory lane.  Take note of what made “good days” good and try to make more of them.

today3 today1 today2

4. Recognize your excuses and recognize they are just that

“My job is too hard” “I don’t have time” “I can’t”  – You know the song. We all have one. If you don’t have time, make it. If your sore- you might be out of shape. If “you can’t” you won’t, learn. If you are prepared going into your resolution and understand your excuses of why you haven’t succeeded before- it will be easier to overcome them when they get in your way.

today2 today1

5. Make a Pinterest or otherwise inspiration board

“Seeing” the end result is very helpful in getting there. Maybe you are saving for that tropical honeymoon. Seeing photos of bright clear water or white sands and cute bikini’s might help you say no to that $7 latte. An inspiration board will serve as motivation to keep up with your goal. It serves as a constant reminder of why you made the resolution in the first place.

today3 today1 today2

6. Remember nothing worth having comes easy

Remember if you want something really great, your going to have to work for it. You know that person, with the “easy” job – they make a good salary and have all the perks? Ask them about the 4+ years of hard work and poverty they went through while obtaining their education. That girl at the gym- you know her- solid core, can run for hours, cute outfit, and killer arms? She may have lost 50+ lbs to get that through solid dedication of diet and exercise. Point is- keep on going! Try and Try- your resolution is obtainable and you will get there. Just remember why you are doing it and that nothing comes easy.

today3 today1 today2





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