Pinterest: Saving Brides Since 2009

You want to add that cool, personal touch to your big day but just can’t think of what to do?! One word: Pinterest.

Every newly engaged bride has a “wedding” or “someday” Pinterest board. The site is a wealth of information. There is a million exciting ideas that stray away from the boring traditional wedding we have seen way too many times.

Perusing the website, here are some ideas that really stand + they are super easy to re-create.

Shoes with a message.

her shoes12Shoes with a Message Her Shoes

Super easy and makes for a cute photo opportunity. You can get as fancy as you want with stick-on crystals and all sorts of bling or keep it simple with a Sharpie.


The use-again guestbook.


Guestbook1 guestbook2 guestbook3Guestbook Ideas

Gone are the days of the cheesy, generic guestbook. Introducing guestbook ideas for the modern bride– decorate your home with them and engage your guests.

Quirky Signage.

quirkysign3 quirkysign1 quirkysign2

Wedding outside? Give your guests some direction. Save a Google search: Post local cab numbers by the bar. You know their feet will be sore from the “pretty shoes” – let them kick the heels off and party in a pair of flip flops. An easy way to add a personal touch to your event.


Here comes the Bride.

boy with sign girls with sign


Something cute and unexpected. Have your bridesmaids or cute little ring-bear give a special message to your groom. It’s easy, creative and something he’ll surely love.




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