Wedding Stress Relief

Super planning mode got you down?

Although wedding planning can be super fun, it can also be super stressful. Make sure to take time and de-stress.

1. Work it out- Take an hour and go for a run, lift weights, or take a fitness class. Exercise releases endorphins which are like little happy bursts. Plus, working out makes your body the best it can be. Looking good makes you feel good, right?



2. Eat your Veggies- There is a direct link between what we eat and how we feel. Choose healthy foods that nourish your body. Having a healthy balanced diet makes you glow from the inside out.


3. Go on a date- with your future Mr. of course! You need to make time for each other.  “You” are the whole reason for the wedding in the first place. It will bring you closer and remind you of why you are having the wedding in the first place.

dinner date

4. Have a spa day- get your nails done, a massage, and a maybe a new hair do’. Getting pampered makes everyone feel better. Take a little me time.

spa day

5. A night with the girls- catch up on the latest gossip, the newest movie, or just each others everyday lives.

girls night

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