Miss B.Perfect-Affair: I need this order placed!

Dear Miss. B. Perfect-Affair,

I was given a deadline of August 1st to order bridesmaids dresses for my March 2014 wedding. We want to ensure the dresses arrive in a timely manner so there is  enough time for alterations and any last minute fittings. We found the dress, picked out the color, and most of my girls have placed their order. My problem is one of my girls just wont place their order. She claims to be excited about the wedding, and says she will do it “tomorrow”.. but “tomorrow” never seems to come. I am beyond frustrated and just don’t know quite what to do.

Thank you in advance for helping me be tactful in this situation,


Dear Frustrated-and-wanting-to-order,

Some people just ruin the fun for everyone, don’t they? I understand your frustrations. Dealing with a friend or two who just don’t seem to listen to directions well is tough, especially when you are dealing with a deadline. My suggestion is to call your friend and set up a time when you both can go in and place the order together. This will give you an opportunity to spend time together and also ensure the order gets placed on time. If she lives out of town and is needing to call in her order, maybe have the store call her. Sometimes life gets busy and it’s helpful to have the shop call to gather the information. Your friend may need help understanding how important it is to you that this task get accomplished in a timely manner. Finances might also be of concern. Talk to her, if this is the case; offer to help her out. She will appreciate the gesture and it might help get that order placed.

Best wishes and good luck,

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs


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