Wedding Shoes: A few thoughts

Just a few thoughts on shoes for your big day

1. Being a little taller is nice, however, too tall can be painful

Opt out of those super sexy tall bling-nd out heels you saw at the mall. Although tempting, they can be a recipe for disaster. There is nothing sexy, beautiful, or fun about a rolled ankle during your walk down the aisle.

Tall Shoes

Plus, wont it be better to spend your first day as Mrs. without blisters and sore toes?


2. Comfortable doesn’t have to be ugly!

There are many very cute comfy shoes to be worn. Get funky, opt for some Sperry’s in your wedding color scheme or maybe some sandals with just a little wedge and plenty of arch support.

White Sperrys

Even better: You can wear them again! (and again)


3. I’ll just change into flats at the dance = WORST IDEA EVER

That is unless you plan to get a front bustle as well as a train bustle. Your dress has been hemmed and bustled according to your ceremony shoes. If you are planning on changing out of them during your dance: your dress will be too long. It will get dirty AND there is nothing classy about a hemline dragging around the dance floor. Plus, your alterations and your dress were expensive keep them nice!

Dirty Hem


4. Consider a little DIY

Want to add a little pizazz to your seemingly boring shoes? Visit your local craft store and buy some bling or a sharpie. Write “I do” on the bottom of one heel or wrap the heels in little stick on rhinestones. The possibilities are endless.

I Do wedding Shoes

5. Save a little money

If you are not a super detail oriented person, shoes are an area you can save some serious money in. Big box store offer flip flops in an array of colors for a few dollars. Consider wearing something you have in your closet already. Unless you are planning on shoe photos, no one will really see them anyway.

Flip Flop


6. Something Blue

Your wedding shoes are the perfect “something blue.” There are many blue shoes to be had at a variety of boutiques all over. Another option is doing a dyeable satin. You can select your perfect shade and have the shop color them just for you.

Blue Wedding Shoes



3 thoughts on “Wedding Shoes: A few thoughts

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  1. HI Brittany,

    Thanks for the wedding shoe blue coments… Now at Mon Cheri, we have “Something Blue” Shoes. It is our newest marketing tool along with MOB shoes and hand bags. Our Bridal shoes all come with a Blue leather soul for comfort and wear…… “SOMETHING BLUE” from MON CHERI…………….

    Ray Bates
    Midwest Bridal Sales Rep
    IA, IL, MN, ND, NE, SD, WI…..

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