The importance of your wedding photos- Hanna U.

Wedding pictures are essentially the most important thing to have done correctly on your wedding day. If there is extra money in the budget, spend it on a good photographer. These photos will be the lasting memories of your big day, they will be around forever. There are many different times to take pictures as well as many different poses you can use. How you save these photos is also important.

There are many different times that you could take wedding pictures. Before the ceremony, after the ceremony, or even before the big day itself. If you do it after the ceremony things tend to be rushed as the bride and groom are excited to get to the reception. Usually most people do it before the ceremony about 3-4 hours in advance. This gives you plenty of time to take pictures, and there will be no delay in the ceremony start time because everyone will be dressed and ready! Another option would be to take them in advance. This is becoming more and more popular. It is good because if the weather is bad on the wedding day, you can pick a nicer day to do photos, and there is no stress on the big day about photos.

There are many different poses that can be done, but there are a few musts:

Couple alone

Bride and Groom with attendants

 Bride and Groom with parents (both sides)

Bride and Groom with bride’s immediate family (and then grooms)

couple with party2 couple with parents couple with party

Other fun shots include:

Ring Shots

Brides and Grooms feet

The groom with the bridesmaids (and the bride with the groomsmen)

Images from Pinterest bride with men bride and groom feet

While poses are important, it is also important how you display your pictures. A photo album is a must. You want to let your photographer know in advance what type of album you plan on using so that they can help incorporate their ideas as to poses that would fit your style of album. There is also the option of having a picture in a thick frame which your guests will sign or write a short message on.  This will be a great way to look back at your big day, as well as have words of encouragement.

Images from Pinterest album

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