Your Wedding Attire Timeline: When?

Your getting married! Yay for you and your fiance! First comes the ring, then comes the planning. When should you order?

Such a simple process can become stressful if you don’t give yourself enough time.

Follow the simple guideline below and relax, planning is fun!

The Gown.

Your specially created gown:

DivinaYour perfect wedding gown, in your perfect size and color. Cut and created just for you, also known as a special order. Although this process averages 5 months, it can take up to 10 or more. When you start shopping and find “the one”- there isn’t any real good reason to wait.

Buying off-the-rack:

Emma- Lace

When gown shopping, you come across the perfect style and fall in love. If the dress fits, is the right color, and needs minimal work; Go for it. Buying off-the-rack is a great way to get your dress now and many times at a special rate. Stores are more inclined to offer discounts or extra incentives for a purchase made from their stock collection. If you find “the one” in-store, make sure to snatch it up though. You don’t want someone else getting your dress. Also, if you are getting married in less than 6 months; you will most likely need to purchase your dress this way.

The girls.

Bridesmaids dresses are always meant to be ordered and specially cut just for your perfect wedding. It is best to work with a 6 month or longer time-frame for these dresses. This gives the designer plenty of time to make them and a seamstress plenty of time to ensure that perfect fit. There are always exceptions to this time frame but why push it? This can end up being more stressful and could lead to less options and expedited order charges.

Alfred Sung  Alfred Sung Alfred Sung

The boys.

Orders for the groomsmen typically need to be sent it 2-3 months ahead of your wedding. This means that all sizes and preferences need to be decided on before this time. Unlike your custom made dresses, tuxedo and suit rentals arrive just days ahead of time. Make sure the gentleman in your party are prepared to be able to go in and try on to ensure that perfect fit.

Allure Gray Tux

Mothers of the wedding and the little ones.

Mothers dresses and flower girls are often times purchased right off-the-rack. In the case of a special order, be prepared to work with the 6 month time frame. Just like bridesmaids dresses some designers need that much time to create the perfect dress for your mother or flowergirl.



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