Ways to annoy your bridesmaids

Ways to really annoy your bridesmaids:

   Expecting everyone to love each other the same way you love each of them

Even though your leading ladies are your besties, it doesn’t mean they will become best friends with each other or even get along. Different personalities can clash and often times do. To avoid a potential disaster, casually introduce everyone to  ahead of time. This might make for fewer surprises during wedding related functions.


   Pretending the dress is so cute that they will wear it over and over again

You know the saying: Chop it off and wear it again!… ya right. We all know this isn’t the likely case when it comes to dresses. Make sure your girls know how much you like the dress and appreciate them for wearing it on your special day. If you are concerned about potential re-wearing, opt for black or navy and something in a shorter length.

Having multiple expensive wedding related events

Weddings are expensive enough to be a part of: Dresses, gifts, travel days, and spa time all add up quickly.  Throw in a few showers and a get-a-way bachelorette weekend- you are asking for some upset girls. Be mindful of costs and consider making some events or things optional to keep everyone happy and on budget.


   Saying that “You don’t care” when it comes to clothes and hair.

Face it: You do care. Telling your girls that you don’t will do nothing but cause stress on them and set up for disappointment. You may be laid back, but give some direction on what you are expecting. Share a few ideas, some photos, or even make a little list describing some things you like for your big day.

 Giving out last minute details.

Get a list or an itinerary together so everyone can be prepared. If you don’t let people know until the last minute it will do nothing but create stress for everyone, yourself included. Be clear about the details as soon as you can so your girls know what to expect and where to be when.


  Being a know-it-all

Knowing how you want everyone to look and act on your big day is one thing, being a snotty B about getting things that way is UN-acceptable behavior. Asking your pale bridesmaids to tan, your blonde to touch up her roots, or your lip gloss queen to go easy is not okay. You know and love them for who they are remember why you asked them to be there in the first place.

 Beinga bridezilla on your big day

Your big day is finally here, enjoy it! Don’t snip at your girls because you are stressed out. They are here to love and support you. Remember that when someone accidentally steps on your dress while giving you a hug.


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