How to be the Best Maid of Honor Ever! – Hannah H.

How to be the Best Maid of Honor Ever!

Being the maid of honor is a very exciting and memorable time in your life, being the right hand girl for your bride is going to be great! The bride picking you means that she trust you, and has faith that you can handle the duties she has for you. At times this job may become stressful, but do not let it ruin your experience. In the end everything that you two have put into the wedding planning will be worth it.

Maid of honor box

One of the first tasks that you will be doing is going dress shopping with her. Now remember, this is her day and her dream. You can throw in your opinion, but be careful not to upset her. Many brides go into a bridal appointment expecting to have the best day ever and find their dream dress. Sometimes this picture perfect scenario is exactly how it goes. Sometimes, this day can be extremely stressful. Be prepared for either case.  Keep calm and shop on!


Next on the list is bridesmaid shopping, this day will be both fun and exhausting.  Be prepared: you will most likely be the one trying on all of the dresses. It is important to tell her what you think, but also remember what she wants. If she likes a certain style of dress then most likely that will be the style she goes with.  Above all else, remember it is her day and her vision. Make sure you end up with the dress she liked best.


There will be many different tasks that you will have to help her with, going to pick out flowers, looking at different locations. She might even ask you tell help with the decorations, and invitations. There may be many Saturdays and weeknights that you spend away from your family or have to put your social life on hold. Everything that you are doing for her, she will repay you in some way, but don’t remind her of that, she will!

decorations       invatations

When it comes to the week of the big day stay calm, at this point you may be a little bit testy because you have been pulled in all sorts of different directions. It will all be worth it in the end, and no matter what you may think at this point she couldn’t have done all of it without you. When the big day rolls around you are going to be the one to help bustle her dress, tell her that she looks beautiful, hold her hand when those tears start to fill in her eyes, and you are going to be in that maid of honor picture that will be right next to all of her wedding pictures on the wall.

Maid of honor 2

Being a maid of honor is not easy its stressful and at times you may just want to give the job to someone else, but like I said she may not say it, but she really does appreciate everything that you are doing. Enjoy the extra time that you get to spend together, and take a fun little weekend get-away just the two of you a few months before to relax and not worry about the wedding.


I hope these little tips help make your maid of honor duties a little bit more fun and enjoyable. Don’t forget the most important be the friend that she knows and loves. Be the reasons that she chose you in the first place. Being her friend and being there for her will mean more to her in the end then anything else did.

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