Five Simple Ways to Keep a Happy Realationship

Five Simple Ways to Keep a Happy Relationship

1.   Show appreciation.

Sounds so simple, but overtime, many people in relationships take one another for granted.  Remember the little things, and be thankful.

2.   Fight Fair.

If you and your fiancé never had one argument over the wedding details, you would be in the minority. Let’s face it, you will have fights. Never say anything you will regret in the heat of the moment. Take a minute, a few deep breaths, and remember why you are together in the first place.  Your argument will be seemingly less heated.

3.    Try.

So simple, but many people quit trying after a while. Take a little extra time getting ready for date night, trade in your flannel P J’s for something a little sexier, let down that ponytail.

4.   Be nice.

 Your fiance didn’t ask for your hand in marriage because you were mean. Give him a compliment, sit through the sports game, or maybe do something he enjoys together.

5 ways being nice

5.   Never underestimate the power of a surprise.

 Surprises can really spice things up and make for a nice week. Put a love note by his morning coffee mug, get a sitter for the night; take him out for an unexpected dinner at his favorite place.

5 ways cooking in heels

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