Your fruit shape, Your ideal dress fit

Your fruit shape, your ideal dress fit:

Your engaged and starting to plan! One of the first things on your list is “the dress”.


You want to look and feel fabulous on your big day. You might have some ideas of what you like, but what styles are best for your figure? Although all women and dresses are beautiful; read on to find out how to flaunt your best features:

The Pear:

Your smaller framed through your bust and waist but are a little fuller through your hips and thighs.

The Pear

Your ideal dress fit:

 A dress that is tighter fitting through the natural waist or an empire waist gown. Both styles will accentuate your bust and waist and be kind to your lower half.


The Bottle Gourd:

You have a fuller bust and hip but are narrower through your waist.

Bottle Gourd

Your ideal dress fit:

A curve hugging mermaid gown, ballgown, or slim fitted aline.


The Strawberry:

You are fuller through your bust and waist and very narrow through the hips and thighs.


Your ideal dress fit:

An empire waist or a ball gown with a natural waistline.


The Banana:

Your figure is very straight. You are narrow through the bust, waist, and hips.

Straight Banana

You are looking for:

A mermaid style, fitted aline, or ballgown.



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