The New Groom: Modern Menswear

The New Groom: Modern Menswear

Gone are the days when every groom dons a white tuxedo coat with matching vest and tie. There are still those who prefer the traditional side of formal menswear, however, today’s groom wants to express his personality in his wedding attire.

Colored Suspenders Colored Bow Tie

Vests, however convenient, are not for every wedding.  Although they make an easy way to coordinate with the color scheme, today’s groom thinks outside the box. It is not uncommon for groomsmen to have colored, patterned socks, bright suspenders with bow ties, or even nix color altogether and create a very sleek and stylish look for themselves and their wedding party alike.

Colored Socks

Traditional black coats can be substituted with grays, tans, and linens. Even a subtle stripe adds an unexpected touch. Narrow lapels, flat front trousers, and a more fitted look is what today’s groom is all about.

Allure Tan Tux Allure Gray Tux Black Skinny Tie


A bride can spend weeks, or even months searching for her wedding dress. It is perfectly tailored to fit her exactness. She adds personal touches through her shoes, undergarments, and accessories. Today’s groom wants to feel like he has the option to personalize his special look just the same.

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