What is your aisle style? Alison P.

What is your aisle style?


Thinking about your wedding gown, you like:

A. Big and Poofy

B. Slim, sexy and fitted

C. Vintage and Romantic

D. Short and Sassy


You want to feel:

A. Like the princess you are

B. Like you are ready for the red carpet

C. Romantic and Country

D. Comfortable and Modern


Your makeup will be:

A. Soft pinks and neutral hues

B. Red lips, airbrush tan, and pops of color

C. Very natural, not too much of anything

D. Like it is most every other day, just bumped up a notch


As far as shoes go:

A. White or Ivory Satin, very bridal

B. Metallic or colored- the higher the better

C. Boots or maybe barefoot

D. Pumps or maybe stilettos

You want your girls to wear:

A.  Matchy, Matchy- it is a wedding right?

B. Sexy, Satin, maybe backless?

C. Chiffon, flowy, very soft

D. Something short, and re-wearable- maybe a little black dress from their closet?

For your reception:

A. DJ, Sit down dinner, the whole nine yards

B. Something different, exciting, nothing anyone has ever seen- but still keeping it “wedding”

C. A barn or outdoor picnic, mason jar drinks- lemonade anyone?

D. Something in the city, intimate- good food, but low key.

Your flowers:

A. Roses, big beautiful bouquets

B. Modern styles, maybe a brooch bouquet?

C. Baby’s breath, sunflowers, very natural

D. Small simple, whatever is on hand will do


Mostly A’s

The Princess Bride:  From your perfect ball gown to your matching satin shoes your big day will be nothing short of a royal wedding.  You and your guests will feel like they are at a royal ball.

Mostly B’s

The Red-Carpet Diva: Fitted and sexy describe your dress, you are a fashionista. You have picked out your perfect designer wedding gown, have the perfect shoes to match, and are camera ready for your big day. You and your guests will feel like you are at an exclusive Hollywood party.

Mostly C’s

The Rustic Romantic:   From your feminine and romantic dress to your perfectly placed table settings you have soft touches of romance all throughout your special day. You and your guests will feel like they are in a romantic wonderland.

Mostly D’s

No fuss Bride: Quick and simple, maybe a Wednesday? You don’t fuss over details. Although your ceremony and overall feel will be very simple, you still add personal touches to your big day style. Your dress might be short, maybe some bright colored shoes?


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