Hidden Wedding Costs – Meaghan R.

Hidden Wedding Costs

Postage Stamps

When you are ordering your invitations from somewhere they do not advertise how much it is going to cost to ship your invitations or save-the-dates. As the invitations are already expensive enough, shipping adds up too. You can avoid this by skipping fancy boxed invitations or multilayered cards and just go with something simple (and cheaper too!).


Dress Alterations

Most wedding stores don’t include alterations in the price of your wedding gown. It can cost more than just $100 to do your hem depending on what kind of dress you get. You should make sure that you know what the store will be charging for alterations or if they even do them.


Overtime Costs

Your band or DJ and wedding photographers are booked for a certain amount of time. SO if you decide that you need them longer or your party runs a little long you will get charged overtime by the hour. This can cost up to $250 just for one overtime hour. As you might imagine that would add up. So make sure that you are very on-time or that you book your people for a little longer if you know you will be running late.

Rental Transportation

When you are renting things like chair and table for your wedding you would assume that the rental company would add delivery into their costs right? Well think again because most will charge a transport fee that can end up costing you a lot of money you weren’t planning for. SO make sure you ask the rental company up front if they have worked transportation into their costs or if they are going to be charging an extra fee.

Non-Approved Vendors

Some venues that you will choose may require you to use a caterer or florist that is on a preferred vendor list and then will tack on a fee if you do not use one. So make sure to stick to the list or choose a venue without one.

Cleanup and Breakdown costs

Many people spend so much planning their big day that they forget about what happens after. If you are just paying a flat fee to rent a space this fee is most likely not included and you should make sure to read your contract carefully so you won’t have any hidden costs there.


Wedding Band Equipment

You would think that the cost of the band just includes their playing time and the equipment that they always use. But if your venue is larger they may need more speakers and microphones the produce the best sound quality so make sure that you have them check out the place themselves before you book them or tell them how large it is.


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