Wedding Dress Shopping and Planning!

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One of the most asked question that I ever get working in a bridal store would have be, how soon should I order? Or how soon should I wait before I start looking at bridesmaids dresses? My answer would be, sooner then later! When shopping for a wedding dress and bridesmaids the soon that you start the better, you do not want to be rushed into picking your perfect dress. If it is at all possible 8-12 months is the ideal length of time that you should give for picking out the dress, ordering it, and then alterations. If you do not have that long of a time I would suggest getting in ASAP and talking to your bridal store so they can figure out a reasonable time line of picking out and ordering your dresses. In some cases bridesmaid can be put on a rush at your cost in case the regular ship date will no get the dresses to the bridal store soon enough.


Wedding dress shopping should be a very enjoyable event for you and you do not want the worry about getting your dress on time to ruin it. When it comes time for your appointment bring just a few people with you. Trust me when I say thing you will have so many offers from people wanting to help you and it is a great feeling, but you want as few people with you. Your wedding day should be the day when everyone sees your dress not when you are picking it out. So with that being said just bring a few bridesmaid, and a few family members if that is who you choose, it will make it much more enjoyable without so many opinions, and it will also make it a lot easier on the bridal consultant to get an idea of what YOU want.

Finally make sure that you speak your mind and tell everyone what you and your future husband want, do not let others persuade you into what they want. It is important to remind people that this is your day, and that you do appreciate the help, but you want to keep the wedding how you have in-visioned it. The only time that there may have to be a little compromise may be when it comes time to the bridesmaids dress, only because not all of them may be comfortable in the same dress. Keep in mind though that there are many options to pick from and we can make everyone happy and keep your vision at the same time.

After Six

With these tips we hope that you will have a great wedding experience and enjoy every minute. This is something that you will never want to forget, and we do not want anything to ruin it. Oh and dont forget to have fun!!!!

Happy Wedding Dress Shopping!!!


-Hannah H.



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