The Little Things – Meaghan R.

The little things

We have wrote about unique bridesmaids dresses, different attire options, and DIY weddings, but what about the little things ? You know,  the little quirky ideas that you would never think about …these details or “little things” are a necessity in your wedding and reception. Here are just a few that we found to be adorable:

Table Numbers: maybe you didn’t think that you would need to have these if you are having a smaller wedding, or it is just something that just didn’t think about, but table numbers are a must! The reason is you can add so much character to your reception with something  that you maybe thought didn’t matter.

Seating Arrangement: By this we mean the arrangement of the chairs at the ceremony. This is something that most brides probably don’t even think about in the midst of everything else that is going on before the big day! You would be amazed by how easy and exciting it is to have a non-traditional seating arrangement.

Flowers: Now this is definitely something that EVERY bride thinks about. Although you think about flowers do you think of all of the different things that you can do with them? You can use them for more than just the bouquets and the boutonnieres. Get creative in your ceremony and reception. You could even just put them somewhere you would like to take pictures!

Favors: Wedding favors might not be something that you think about for the reception. Most people who have wedding favors will do something simple and uncreative, like mints. You should get creative with your favors! It is a little things that people will notice.

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