Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs- My Dream Dress…. for hundreds less?

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs answers all your wedding etiquette questions. Each post features a new question and answer. Have an etiquette question of your own? Leave a comment and your question will be answered.

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs,

I’ve fallen in love with my dream wedding gown. Looking online one day, I found a website where I can order it for hundreds less. Should I go for it?



Dear Has-expensive-taste,

First of all, your wedding gown will be the most expensive and sentimental article of clothing you will ever wear. It is something you may not want to leave up to chance. Most likely, you are looking at a website from a Chinese factory who produces designer look-a-likes. Chances are, the actual designer of your dream gown had nothing to do with this cheap version you are looking at online. Most likely, you will have issues will fit and quality. Rather than Swarovski crystals and a flawless fit, you may end up with plastic beads and an un-even hemline.

Not all online stores are bad though, there are some legit ones out there. Do some research-  if you do order online, make sure the online store is an authorized seller of your designers collection.

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, you want to ensure that every detail is perfect- including your wedding gown.



Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs

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