Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: Who do I tell first?

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs answers all your wedding etiquette questions. Each week features a new question and answer. Have an etiquette question of your own? Leave a comment and your question will be answered.

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs,

My fiance and I are recently engaged! We are planning a Summer 2013 wedding and my mind is already racing with ideas. Each of us have parents, stepparents, and many grandparents- not even mentioning aunts, cousins, and the rest of our extended family. We want to tell everyone the good news, however, are not certain of who we should tell first?… Who should we tell first and what about everyone else? Facebook or a “save-the-date” seem so impersonal … I also don’t want anyone to feel like they are the “last to know…” I really, really, don’t want drama before we even start our official planning.



Dear No-Drama-Bride-to-be,

Absolutely your parents, all of them, need to be the first to know. Does everyone get along? Do they know one another? Maybe a family style dinner would be a nice way to not only reveal your great news, but also to bring everyone together. This is a sure way that everyone will find out at the same time. If this is not an option, a simple afternoon of phone calls will do nicely. As for the rest of your family, ask for the help of your parents. I’m sure they will be ecstatic to share your news! Once your family knows, change your relationship status, post on your Facebook page, tell everyone the good news! Wedding planning is a joyous journey, enjoy and take it all in.


Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs

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