Beauty Tips for the BIG Day! Hannah J.

Beauty tips for the BIG Day!

1.  The Wedding day Glow

If your wedding is coming up you have probably spent the past few months in and out of a tanning salon and doing everything in the book to get that ever so desired wedding day glow. You have moisturized, exfoliated, and even slept the full eight hours! But when the big day comes and you look in the mirror, that new cluster of pimples is all that is staring back at you. Even though you have done everything to keep your skin clear, there are some hidden culprits.

Water – Yes, the water we use if unfiltered is full of metals and other organic materials that can react poorly with skin, causing it to breakout. “Hard Water” can have the same effect, leaving residue on our skin. Try washing with distilled or purified water instead and see how soft and smooth your skin feels.

Accessories- Cell phones, sunglasses, and jewelry can all carry bacteria causing acne. Be careful what you touch your face with, and pay attention to where concentrated breakouts are; they could point to the culprit of the bacteria.

Exfoliation- If done too often can irritate complexions or strip skin of its natural oils. Just like sweets; exfoliation is OK in moderation. Keep the scrubbing to a minimum and only exfoliate two or three times a week.

“Oil Free”- Don’t deprive your skin of essential oils; the bottles that say “oil free” aren’t always the best. Of course there are some oils that cause clogging in pores but do your research before purchasing a product and see how it reacts with your skin. Everyone is different so find a gentle wash that is best for you.

2. Avoid waxing, hair cut or color close to the wedding.

Get these services done at least a week ahead of time so that any mistakes can be taken care of before the Big Day.

3. Stay away from salt!

Avoid ingesting salt at least seven days before the wedding. That means no salty dressings, deli meats, sauces, and etc. Sodium holds 50 times its weight in water so by not eating salt you can shed 2-5lbs before the wedding!

4. Double your H2O intake!

Double up on water about a month before the wedding to help keep your skin clear and glowing. Staying hydrated is extremely important in any case, maybe go out and find a fun water bottle that has a festive wedding design in light of the upcoming event!

5. Tears= Running mascara

Not anymore! It is important to realize that tears will happen, it is a huge day for both of you but you’re the one with the beautiful make-up on that isn’t to be ruined. So, it is important you know how to cry correctly. Hold a tissue in each hand and press the tissue into the corner of your eye (tear duct) and let the tears flow into the tissue. Keep switching tissues and remember DO NOT rub!




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