What your Wedding Colors Say about You

What do your wedding colors say about you?

The wedding colors that you choose for your big day reflect your personality and style.  Whether you choose your favorite colors or select colors that compliment the season you are getting married in , here is a list of colors that will tell you what your color choices say about you!

Black– conservative choice, complementing almost any color. Black is classic, dignified, and mysterious. Perfect for any modern bride!

White– symbol of purity and innocence. White denotes a fresh start for those who seek serenity and peace.

Red– impulsive and outgoing, a passionate, romantic choice. Red symbolizes love and rage. Red lovers are normally restless and optimistic.

Pink– represents a sensitive heart that is affectionate and nurturing. It is a softer, girlish choice that is the sweeter side of red. A bride surrounded by pink has a desire for protection. May also have a strong personality that is willing to share.

Orange– brides who choose orange are bold. Spontaneous and daring, while happy and trendy. Brides who choose orange tend to be popular and have a large social circle. They are also fearless and curious, with a zest for life!

Yellow– brings happiness and hope. People who love yellow have cheerful spirits and optimistic values. Yellow represents enlightenment and spirituality. Which makes it a great color for your wedding day.

Green– symbolizes life, freshness, nature and fertility. Green shows that you value your health and the environment. This is a common choice for eco-friendly brides. Brides who choose green are affectionate, frank and responsible, you seek stability and balance, yet remain refined.

Blue– the color of tranquility and royalty. Blue belles are deliberate, conservative and patient , tending to be sensitive and wise. Blue represents cautious partners, who are faithful but require a calm existence. Blue can be soft and sweet or strong and bold.

Purple– a passionate color often associated with royalty and luxury. Choosing purple signifies dignity, tolerance, and value. From light lavender to a deep eggplant, purple can be provocative or sweet.

Brown– represents wholesomeness and dependability. A neutral and natural color of the earth symbolizing comfort and containment representing honesty. From rich chocolate and dark coffee to cream and soft beige, this shade can be intense or pale, dramatic or modest.



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