10 Wedding Rules… That you CAN break!

10 wedding rules…. That you can BREAK!


1.        The bride’s parents pay for the wedding.

When it comes down to paying for the wedding every couple funds the wedding in different ways.  Maybe the bride’s parents want to pay for everything, or maybe just a certain part like the ceremony or the reception.  Unlike in the past when the bride’s family was expected to pay the whole bill, it is not expected anymore.  Whether the bride and groom pay for it themselves or everyone pitches in, just remember whoever pays gets a say.  So just remember if your mother-in-law will insist on a church wedding but you are set on an outdoor ceremony you may not want her to help.

2.            You must invite everyone with a guest.

If your guests will know other people at your wedding, skip the plus one.  It is still polite and appreciated to invite guest’s significant others, but if you are for instance inviting a group of coworkers they should be fine flying solo.  If you are inviting someone who will not know anyone aside from the bride or groom, it is mandatory that you give them a plus one.

3.            Your registry should consist of only house wares.

Now, most couples have already lived together before they are married and already have all the towels and bowls they need.  So you can register for anything from honeymoon hotel accommodations to mountain bikes. You could also request upgraded versions of things you already own.  Do not be afraid to have an “untraditional” registry.

4.            You must wear a long white gown.

On your wedding day you can wear whatever YOU want.  While most brides do still go with the long white or ivory gown.  You can wear whatever makes you feel fabulous on your big day.  This can be anything from a short dress to a long silver dress.  Your dress can be any color or style and you can even skip the veil.  Just a heads up, some of your older guests may be shocked with your dress decision if you decide to go with a color.  If you want to please Granny you could always add some color with a sash or even your shoes.

5.            Your mom can’t throw your shower.

People used to think that it was rude for the bride’s mother or even sister to host the shower because the purpose was for the bride to get gifts.  But we don’t follow that rule anymore.  Anyone can through your shower! So if you feel like your mom wants to through your shower encourage it!

6.            You have to have a rehearsal dinner.

When couples lived separately before they got married, and engagements were only a few weeks long not a year or more the rehearsal dinner was the first time that both sets of parents would meet.  Having a rehearsal dinner is still smart if your parents have not met, but if there is not time or money in your budget then it is all right to skip the rehearsal dinner.

7.            The first time you see your groom on your wedding day should be at the ceremony.

I promise it is not bad luck if your groom see’s you in your gown before the ceremony.  Actually, many couples that decided to wait until the ceremony to see each other say that they would have preferred to have had that emotional experience in private.  Photographers are happy to capture the moment.  That way you don’t have to miss your cocktail hour!

8.            Ceremony seating is based on the bride’s side and the groom’s side.

It used to be that guests of the bride sat on the left side during the ceremony and guests of the groom sat on the right.  Even now plenty of guests will go by these guidelines to find their seats.  If your family is huge and your fiancee’s family is small, it would look a bit weird if everyone was sitting on the left and not many on the right.  If you are having ushers, ask them to seat your VIP’s (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, etc) to the front on both sides, and have them instruct your other guests to sit wherever. No ushers?  Just put out a sign that says to sit wherever you would like!

9.            You must walk down the aisle.

Maybe you are a girl who doesn’t wear heels much or you just do not want to walk down the aisle. You don’t have to walk down the aisle.  Why not already be at the altar with your groom?  And if you still want to honor your parents during the ceremony you can present them with a gift or flowers.

10.          You have to leave for your honeymoon right after your reception.

You can go on your honeymoon whenever you want.  Heading straight to your honeymoon may sound romantic, but it can be a nightmare.  If you think about it you would have to worry about packing ahead of time, lug your luggage from the ceremony to the reception, and keep your plane tickets and passports in a safe place all day.  No matter when you leave it will still be a well deserved get away that you can enjoy together as husband and wife.


Meaghan R.

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