Budgeting for your big day: Who pays for what?

Budgeting for your big day: Who pays for what?

Weddings can be a huge expense for the Bride and Groom to pay for, so usually the parents help out…but who pays for what? The stereotype is that the Bride’s parents pay for a great majority of the wedding, but why make them take out a third mortgage to pay for it? The best way to decide who pays for what is to sit down with the parents and figure out what the Bride and Groom want, and what everyone can afford. The main costs of a wedding include the ceremony, clothing, flowers, photography, pre-wedding parties, rings and the reception.

The ceremony is usually paid for by the Bride and her family. Since the bride typically chooses where she would like to get married, herself or her family will pay for the location.

The clothing of the wedding is split between many. The bride and her family will pay for her dress, veil, and accessories. The groom will pay for his wear, and the attendants will pay for their dresses/tuxes. Typically the Bride will pick out the wear for the day.

Flowers are split between the two families. The Bride and her family typically will pay for her bouquet; as well as the flowers and corsages for bridesmaids and flower girl. The Groom and his family pay for the decoration flowers as well as the flower arrangements at the church.

Photography is typically paid for by the Bride and her family. This is because the Bride will do a majority of the photo selection as well as deciding what photos to print out.

Pre-wedding parties are paid for by the attendants and families. The Maid Of Honor will typically host the bachelorette party, and the Best Man will host the bachelor party. The families will put together the rehearsal dinner and engagement party.

The rings are paid for by the Bride and Groom themselves. The Groom will buy the engagement ring and the wedding band for his Bride; and the Bride will purchase the Grooms wedding band. This gives the rings a more sentimental meaning.

The reception is split between the families. The Bride’s family pays for the dinner, and professional services, while the Groom’s family pays for the decorations and music.

-Hanna U.



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