DIY (Do It Yourself) Wedding

Are you maybe on a budget? Or do you want to add more personal touches to your wedding? Well we have the perfect solution to your problem, “Do It Yourself” weddings. These simple little ideas can save you money, and make your day more memorable to you, because you know that you put your own little touches into your special day.

Don’t get me wrong having a wedding planner is a great thing, they have a ton of ideas that maybe you like and want for your big day, but on the other hand you are not able to be a part of every single little detail they do, that is what you are paying them for, and sometimes it may not cheap. If you still want a wedding planner that is great, but make sure you tell them that you would like to do some of the table decorations, or flowers, or even as simple as the seating cards yourself. This way, there will be a little touch of you, and this will also help[ the wedding planner know more of your taste from seeing what you come up with, not just from what you tell them.

The other reason that do it yourself weddings are so great is that you will save some money, and maybe be able to put that toward your dream honeymoon. J To get ideas for your wedding just go online and find DIY Wedding sites. There also is a great sit called Pinterest, I am sure that many of you have heard of this sit before but they have a TON of great wedding ideas and a majority of them are DIY!!! Not only will this save you money but think about how much cuter your wedding will look with a few of your own touches, and people will be amazed at what you have done.

Here are a few ideas for DIY weddings…

~     Seating Cards

~    Table decorations

~    Your wedding glasses

~     Your invitations

~      Picture props

~      Your guest gift

~      Cake topper

~      A cute picture area for your guest to take pictures (this way your guest have a picture to take home, and you can have pictures of all your guest for your wedding scrapbook.

I hope all these ideas will help you make your wedding a little more you, and maybe even help you save some money to put toward making your day even more special.

– Hannah H.

Reception Ceiling Decoration


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