10 Big Planning Mistakes



10 Big Planning Mistakes
When preparing for your wedding, there’s a lot to keep in mind. By avoiding these common mistakes, your wedding planning will sail by much smoother.
1. Overpaying on your look:  Maybe you have a 1,500 budget for your entire look including hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, and alterations. Some brides make the mistake of using their entire fashion budget on just the gown. After adding in accessories and alterations they find themselves over-budget. Step one: remember there is a lot to consider when budgeting for your wedding day look.
2. Getting attached to specific flowers: When you book your florist a year before your wedding day, he can only guess which flowers will be available for your wedding. If you choose only one style of flower, you could end up disappointed because they didn’t bloom. Instead, it’s best to choose “back ups”. It will add colors and shapes, and guarantee a fresher look.
3. Sending save-the-dates too soon: It may be tempting to send out your save-the-dates as soon as possible. Don’t send them until you have your guest list finalized. The people you are close with now may change in a year. Also, you may need to cut some guests in order to meet your limit- the last thing you want is to have a crowded wedding because you didn’t wait.

4. Skipping a wedding photographer: If you skip a professional photographer you will regret it. Professionals know what shots to take and use a high quality camera. You’re guaranteed amazing pictures. If you don’t get a professional and your friend takes pictures- you could be looking at blurry pictures for remembrance of your big day.
5. Controlling your vendors: You’re choosing talented professionals who have done many weddings, so let them do their jobs! It’s tempting to want to control every last detail of your wedding, but this is a mistake. Brides don’t have time or the experience to get caught up in the little stuff. Brides need to trust their vendors and know that they will get the vision right.
6. Picking your attendants too early: Bridesmaids should be the bride’s closest friends. Period. They have to be people you’d trust when you most need them. Don’t leave out new friends simply because you didn’t grow up together. Also, don’t let family members demand you have a certain attendant. It’s your wedding. You will certainly regret letting others make these decisions for you.
7. Telling everyone about your wedding: The more you share about your wedding, the more questions you’re going to get about your choices. You want to surprise your guests with a fun filled evening. If they already know your changing dresses throughout the evening they won’t be as impressed. Also, talking about your plans opens your wedding up to “copycats” who might be getting married before you.
8. Starting hair and makeup too late: It’s understandable that brides don’t want their hair to come out, or their makeup to wear off, but don’t be last in the stylist’s line. The bride should be scheduled to be in the middle of the attendants. It’s not a big deal for a bridesmaid to switch to a less complicated hairstyle if the stylist is pressed for time. That’s not an option for the bride.
9. Speeding through photos: Anything less than an hour isn’t enough for a portrait session. The longer the session, the more relaxed you’re going to feel, and look. Also taking pictures before the ceremony is ideal, because after the ceremony is the party, no one wants to cut a party short to take pictures.
10. Hiring a friend: Brides make the mistake of hiring their friends to be the DJ, chef, or photographer. Even if your budget is tight, it’s better to let the pros handle the big stuff. You will be happier in the long run. Money can always be saved elsewhere in your budget.

-Hanna U.

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