Meet Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs answers all your wedding etiquette questions. Each week features a new question and answer. Have an etiquette question of your own? Leave a comment and your question will be answered.

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs,

Help! I’m getting married this summer. Our wedding party includes my sister and her husband… they have a 18 month old daughter. I want to include her as our flower girl. Although I would love to have my niece be a part of our wedding, I’m afraid she’s just too little. What’s a bride to do?



Dear Want-to-be-a-Good-Auntie,

Your concerns are very understandable. Such a young girl may not be able to complete the long walk down the aisle, alone that is. Why not see if an older child can accompany her? Maybe have her ride in a wagon. Another idea, have another family member assist her in her walk.  Don’t worry about a perfect performance, your guests will simply enjoy seeing such a cutie.


Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs

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