“Chop it off and wear it again?” – by Hannah J.

Chop it off and wear it again??

We have all heard that post wedding cliché phrase. “That dress is so cute you could chop it off and wear it again!”

Who actually acts upon this suggestion? For a majority of women the once “bridesmaid dress” is now a “dust collector”. After hearing this phrase over and over at the store (Affairs By Brittany) I decided to come up with some practical ideas for bridesmaid gowns post-wedding.

Don’t forget though, there are some cute styles out there a person could get plenty of use from.

Before you hastily decide that your dress is too much satin, too much ruching, and cannot be worn again STOP!

Ask yourself a few questions and decide if this dress is truly a destined dust collector or a possible addition to your ever expanding wardrobe:

Could this dress be paired with a jacket, sweater or scarf to give it a more casual look?

Would this dress work with a different pair of shoes or maybe tights?

How many different looks can I get out of this dress with different accessories?

Could alterations transform the look of this dress?

Could the fabric of this dress be used for another craft?

Next time your girlfriend approaches you with a bridesmaid proposition instead of dreading another expensive one-time occasion dress think of it as a unique addition to your wardrobe and start planning possible accessories.

Hannah J.

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