It Don’t Mean a Thing if You ain’t Got that Swing- by Dave Harmon

Dave Harmon from Harmon Danceworks and DJ service offers some tips for music during the entire wedding reception.

When thinking about a photo slide show:

A slide show of about 10 minutes or 3 songs is about the perfect amount of time. You want to keep your guests attention; something longer may be too long. We have seen slide shows lasting a half hour- guests got antsy and seemed bored. Remember, they are at your celebration to have fun!

To keep your guests engaged and entertained:

Listen to your DJ’s ideas for the evening.  Hopefully, they will have enough experience and will tell you what does and doesn’t work.  We like to do “events” throughout the dance.  They break the night up, keep people engaged, and in anticipation of what’s to come.  The anniversary dance, dollar dance, garter auction, and bouquet toss are classics that everyone enjoys.

An array of different sounds:

Listen to your DJ’s advice when it comes to music for your dance. Our goal is to make sure you and your guests enjoy the music that is being played. Having a variety of music to include oldies, country, hip-hop, and top 40 music will give everyone a little of what they like. At one wedding we did, the bride and groom loved metal music. We incorporated the metal music into dinner and did a couple during the dance. This way the bride and groom got to enjoy their tastes, and the guests were able to have a sampling of other music as well. It was a great party and fun was had by all who attended.

Get the dance floor packed:

The goal of your wedding dance is to pack the dance floor. You want everyone to have a fun time. There might be some songs you don’t like. For example, the Electric Slide has a love-hate relationship by many. Even though this might not be your first pick, it packs the dance floor every time. Have an open mind and trust your DJ to keep the party going.

Learn how to dance:

Take a dance lesson before your wedding. Even if you can only do a few turns and maybe a dip, it’s better than just rocking back and forth for your entire first dance. Plus, a dance lesson is a fun date for you and your fiance.

Dave Harmon, Harmon DanceWorks and DJ

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