Get your sexy on…for the groom!

Get your sexy on…for the groom!
You may have heard the latest trend in gift-giving for the groom is boudoir photography. What is a boudoir photo and why the popularity? Whether flirty or demure, there is a look for every woman to showcase her inner and outer beauty in photos for her husband-to-be.

By: Yvonne Denault / Yvonne Denault Photography

What is boudoir photography?
As women, we dare to dream about looking and feeling unbelievably sexy in pretty, lacy lingerie and become the supermodel we see in the pages of fashion magazines and catalogues. A boudoir photo session allows you to fulfill that dream for a day, and to gift the resulting photos to that special man in your life! Boudoir photography should be tasteful and can range from wearing elegant lingerie for a sizzling look — to classic pin-up inspired couture with a flirty approach to the photos. Boudoir photography is for all women, of all shapes, sizes and ages.

What to expect? Who to hire?
Expect to be amazed! Also, expect to be a little bit nervous. Modeling in lingerie can be daunting for any woman since we spend a good portion of our lifetime analyzing our appearance. Boudoir photography is a great gift for the groom, but it has the added benefit of helping women gain a sense of confidence about their appearance. All of the things you thought were true of your appearance become small and insignificant. With the right photographer, your inner soul shines through the exterior of self-doubt and a woman begins to see how incredibly sexy her confidence really looks through the lens of a camera.

Boudoir sessions should start with a brief consult that address concerns and discuss outfit options and ideas for the shoot. Most women will book a hair and makeup stylist providing the full supermodel finish prior to their shoot. This is usually done in the photography studio where the photoshoot will follow. Music, laughter and conversation should all be part of a boudoir photo session. It is the photographer’s job to coach you through poses, expressions and allow you to be comfortable in your own skin – being comfortable and having fun are all an important part of having a successful shoot.

Do your research and book a photographer who has experience shooting in the boudoir style of photography and who can share a portfolio that showcases tasteful and sophisticated work that respects women. Once you find the right person, expect to be yourself. Nerves will subside ten minutes into the shoot, and you will have the time of your life.

What do I wear?
Wear what makes you feel irresistible. It could be a simple bra/panty set paired with a men’s shirt. Corsets provide curvaceous lines and baby doll sets up the shoot for very soft and feminine photos. You may choose multiple outfits or just one. Accessorize with jewelry, stellar shoes, stockings and of course…your engagement ring! Other ideas include a retro pinup dress or swimsuit, sports jersey, off-the shoulder sweater, fur coat or tight fitting slip. Consult with the photographer you choose to work with and see what ideas he/she has regarding outfit options.

Time and Money
Basic boudoir photo sessions can start at $200 and scale to $1500 depending on the expertise of your photographer and the size of your package choice. You will have the additional cost of hair and makeup, and the outfit(s) you plan to wear. Most photographers that specialize in boudoir will have packages that include photos on a disc and/or product offerings, as well as multiple outfit changes. Plan at least 3-4 weeks to receive final products from your shoot. And book your shoot at least a couple of months ahead as most photographers are already booking weddings, family and senior photos during the busy summer photography season. And as the saying goes, remember you get what you pay for so do your research and treat this as investment–not only as a gift for your future husband, but as a lifetime empowering opportunity to see how beautiful you really are!

Yvonne Denault Photography serves the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding communities. Call 701.373.5770 or email for more information. Visit their facebook page

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