Perfectly Paired by Terry Borchardt

The Big Wedding Day is a celebration of a couple starting a new life, together. Overtime, this all important day has become more and more about the bride. The congregation does not stand for the groom when he walks in… The photographer doesn’t take multiple photos of him walking down the aisle.

As the man who will be spending the rest of my life with this beautiful woman, I am alight with this.

Just as the wedding day is primarily about the bride, the night before has become the grooms. The groom’s supper or rehearsal dinner is a very important event. The venue and menu are of utmost importance.

Some tips to consider when picking the location and the menu for the Rehearsal Dinner include:

A)    Will the space be yours for the evening or will you have to share it with others?

B)    Is the ambiance special – just like this special weekend is?

C)    Do you have to pick from a set menu or will the business work with you on making your meal memorable?

D)    Do you get the feeling that you and your group are special, or just another number coming through the door?

Bottom line- make sure your rehearsal meal venue realizes this night is special. They should accommodate you and yours to ensure the best possible experience. This is the start of your wedding celebration, the most important day of your adult life.

Terry Borchardt, Owner

The Winery

Terry Borchardt of The Winery has been the local go to person for food and wine parings for a number of years. He and the expert staff at The Winery will ensure a one of a kind experience for your special night. With unbeatable service, one of a kind food creations, and an ambiance to make the night everything it should be. Check out their website, follow them on Facebook, or just call Terry to discuss the details of planning your perfect rehearsal dinner.


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