Bridal Appointment 101

Bridal Appointment 101

Shopping for your perfect wedding gown and accessories can be one of the most exciting parts of your planning experience! Appointments are a great way to ensure personal service and the best shopping experience possible.  Below are some simple pointers to make sure you have the most pleasant experience possible.

1. Bring your closest friends (1-2) or family members. Everyone will have opinions on what your perfect gown will look like. Sometimes, this can be overwhelming. Having just a few of your closest people with you will simplify your shopping experience and make it easier to find what you are looking for in a gown.

2. Make sure you have a strapless bra, heels, and undergarments with you. These pieces pave the foundation for how your gown will fit on your special day. Wearing them will ensure the best possible idea of how your gown will fit.

3. Have some ideas- make sure you’re not “stuck” on one particular style. Keep an open mind when trying on dresses. The dress on the rack will look much different on you than it does on the hanger or in the magazine.  All bridal gowns are just as different as the brides who wear them.

4. Be on time! Appointments are scheduled to make sure you get the best possible service. They are spaced out to allow the same courtesy for all.

5. Be ready to find “the one” – when you find your perfect gown, make sure you are ready to order. Typically, you will need to secure a fifty-percent deposit to start production on your perfect wedding dress.

– Affairs by Brittany

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