It’s your wedding too! Before you say “I do” check out our list of groom “To-do’s”

Do have an opinion:
Even though wedding planning has a lot to do with girly things like jewelry, dresses, and flowers. One key area for the groom to have a strong opinion on is the tuxedos. This is a great way to have a say in your wedding, show your fiance you are an active participant, and also is a channel for you to express yourself.
Do take a break together:
This is a busy time for both of you! Take a break together and have date night. One evening, go to the movies and dinner. Relax, enjoy the moment, and use this time to remember why this chaotic time is so worth it.
Do get some extra help:
Friends, family, or even a wedding planner might be helpful right now. Many people are there to offer a hand in making sure your wedding day is perfect and goes smoothly. Your big day should be stress-free and fun- leave the little details to someone else.
Do inform your groomsmen:
Make sure your groomsmen know where they need to be and when. Help out by making a list of tuxedo details. Let them know when they need to get fitted, what day they can pick up their rental, and when it needs to be returned. An itinerary of the wedding weekend events may be helpful too.
Do surprise her:
This is your wedding day! Every element of planning, every detail, and moment is something so special. Surprise your fiance with something special. Send her flowers, write a love note, or even get her a small gift to show how much you care. A great way to start the first day of the rest of your lives, together!
Meaghan R.

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