5 Wedding Color Scheme Mistakes

Mistake #1- Too Many Colors
When choosing your wedding colors simplicity is key. Pick three to four colors total to keep your bouquets and centerpieces from looking too messy. If you prefer an undone look, opt for a few slightly varied shades of the same color. This will add depth without looking too chaotic. Or, for an especially striking look, go monochromatic with a bold shade like vivid purple or creamy white. The idea is to keep the look tailored for maximum impact.

Mistake #2- Choosing trendy colors

It’s easy to let the magazines tell you the hottest new color combos, but consider this: Your palette should be one that you won’t mind living with for a long time since you will be framing photos and filling albums featuring those colors. Ask yourself what colors make you happy? What color is your favorite room or sweater? Some of the prettiest weddings we’ve seen were inspired by the simplest meaningful objects, like a dress or even a pillow.

Mistake #3- Choosing Predictable Colors

Certain color combos come with certain connotations. (Think: red, white, and blue or red and green.) Keep your colors from reminding guests of their favorite holiday by subtly tweaking your hues. The trick is choosing a more fashionable shade. Bandana-red, faded denim, and eggshell will banish any Fourth of July memories and forest green and pale pink are anything but Christmas-y. Or try adding another color to break up a combo. Yellow dresses with red bouquets might conjure images of popular fast food restaurants, but mixing in white details (like lace or pearls) can add elegance in a snap.

Mistake #4- Ignoring Texture

Instead of simply relying on colors, bring multiple textures into your wedding day to give the room some depth and dimension. Mixing textures in the same hue can add more drama and depth to your wedding than simply combining multiple colors. Do this with your flowers, tablecloths, or bridesmaid dresses — varying patterns and surfaces can play a huge role as your wedding palette evolves. To avoid overload, try outfitting just one of your maids (like your maid of honor) in a patterned dress or simply rely on textured flowers to give the look some shape.

Mistake #5- Ignoring Your Venue Colors

When deciding on a scheme, consider the reception space or choose a space without decor or color. If you’ve chosen a country club with navy and maroon carpets, a color scheme of lime green and hot pink will clash, and there’s really no way around it. (Try to pull it off anyway and you’ll end up spending twice what you would normally in decor to cover it up than you would if you had chosen a more complementary color palette.) That’s not to say you have to choose a color that perfectly matches the floors. Use the venue’s decor more as a guide when picking out tones and hues.

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