10 Ways to Have Happ(ier) Bridesmaids

1. Everyone is built differently; choose a style that is flattering to everyone. Your big day will go much smoother and everyone will enjoy themselves more if they feel more comfortable.
2. Affairs’ has over 400 maid’s gowns to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We suggest having one attendant come with you to help select a few styles for everyone to pick from. This will make the whole experience a breeze.
3. Maids sizing is done by a size chart. Many people need alterations and most end up ordering a larger size than they typically wear from a regular clothing store. It is helpful and feelings are spared if this information is known up front. Fittings should be scheduled 1 month prior to your big day. Affairs’ seamstress is fantastic and she has been working on bridal and formalwear for many years.
4. Once you select your styles, Affairs will give you an order deadline. We advise ordering your maids gowns at least 4 months prior to your big day. This leaves plenty of time for alterations and shipping time on your order. If one of your maids is late getting her deposits or sizes in, it may result in having to put a “rush” on the order.
5. For maids who live out of town, simply have them go to a professional to be sizes. They only will need their bust, waist, hip, and height. After they get this information, they simply need to call or email us. We will go over the size chart with them and help determine their ideal size.
6. Affairs will wait until your entire wedding party has their sizing and deposits made before we place your order. This is to ensure all your gowns come from the same dye-lot. Dye-lot variations can make for some mismatched maids gowns. We want your pictures to be perfect.
7. Industry standard: Most dresses are cut for someone who is 5’9 in heels. Girls taller than this will need to order extra length and girls who are shorter will need to hem their gowns. Plus sizes generally start at size 18; if you have a maid who falls in this size range, she will most likely have a size charge.
8. The day we receive your gowns, Affairs’ will call and let you know the good news. Please let your wedding party know right away so they can finish their balances, coordinate their fitting appointments, and pick up their gowns.
9. At all fitting appointments, your maids are encouraged to bring their undergarments and shoes with them. This is to ensure that once the alterations are done their gown will fit them perfectly. Affairs’ carries a wide range of undergarments to ensure ideal look for you and all your attendants. After alterations, Affairs’ will press your maids gowns to ensure they look perfect.
10. Relax! You are getting married, take a deep breath and enjoy every minute.

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