Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas

Eco-Friendly Weddings

What is an eco-friendly wedding? This newer phenomenon has slowly been getting more and more popular among newly engaged couples. Eco-Friendly weddings are simply this: Wedding Celebrations aimed at being earth friendly- couples are cutting down on garbage, electricity usage, and waste in all categories of their big day! It is no secret or surprise to anyone that being earth friendly and more conscious of our waste is not only good for our environment but necessary.

Do your own research or consider using some of the ideas below to get started.

Invitations and Stationary:

The traditional wedding invitation has two envelopes, a response card, a reception card, and the actual invitation inside it! Is all that necessary for your wedding? Consider nixing paper invites altogether- use e-vites and a wedding website instead. Maybe that is a bit extreme- make sure your paper products are recycled. Use a simple card style invite with a perforated response card.


Using a seasonal variety will cut down on shipping from far distances. For all you DIYer’s consider making flowers out of tissue or recycled paper products. Not only are they unique, but they are guaranteed to last. Rather than use expensive floral centerpieces consider decorating with reusable home items.  Simple vase or photo frames are great substitutions.


Find a caterer who uses local produce. This will cut down on the impact on the environment and be nice for your local economy. Rather than use disposable dining wear, make sure your venue owns plates, flatware, napkins, etc. Not only does this reduce your waste- it adds a nice touch of elegance to your affair.


Although favors are a must for weddings, a small token a appreciation for your guests to remember your big day by… most get tossed. Edible favors are enjoyed by all! Consider jam or honey from a local farmers market. Maybe some homemade fudge from your chocolate dessert bar would better suit you as a couple. A packet of seeds to grow in the spring makes a nice thank you too-

Eco-Friendly wedding ideas are simple, easy, and many times cost saving. Take a part in this growing trend by incorporating some simple and green ideas into your wedding celebration.

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