Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something YOU

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

I’m sure everyone has heard this saying once or twice. What does it mean though?

Weddings are filled with tradition, Have some Fun!


Something Old:

Your something old symbolizes continuity. Your past has evolved into what is now paving the way for your future. Many brides choose a family heirloom for this.

Maybe you could wear your mothers pearl necklace or grandmother’s bracelet. Another idea is to carry something symbolic from your childhood – a locket, ring, or even photo of a cherished memory.

Many times the “something” old will be given to you from your mother, grandmother, family friend, or other close woman relative.

Something New:

This token symbolizes the optimistic future and bright new life you will share as a newlywed couple.

Your something new can either be purchased by you or given as a gift. Your wedding day fragrance, clutch, or even undergarments are among the unlimited options for your something new.

Something Borrowed:

Your something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness for your wedding day. Typically your something borrowed will come from a happily married friend or family member. It can also come from someone who represents happiness to you.

Share your friend’s wedding veil, use a family members cake cutting knife, or even borrow a nail color!

Just remember that this is your “something borrowed” – you do have to give it back after the wedding.

Something Blue:

Your something blue represents happiness, good fortune, and of course; fidelity.  There are so many fun ways to incorporate blue into your big day! Blue panties or a blue garter are great ideas. Maybe glue some “blue bling” onto your shoes. Your something blue can easily be purchased by you or given to you as a special wedding day gift.

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