Your Alterations Appointment

You bought your perfect dress (yay!) 

When you said “YES” your stylist helped you determine a size and told you what alterations you might be needing on your dress once it arrives.

Why do you need alterations?

Bridal and formal wear is not made “ready to wear” This means it will require tailoring (alterations) to get just the perfect fit. You searched all over for the perfect dress, alterations will ensure that it fits you like a glove.

Most brides need the following:

Hem- to ensure the perfect length with your shoes.

Bustle- you want to pull the train up for your dance.

Shoulders- if you have straps or sleeves, most of the time they will need shortened.

Cups- even though the boning in your dress gives you support, cups will help shape you.

Sides- a nip and tuck to make sure your dress fits snug to your curves


When should I schedule my appointment? 

Your first fitting will take place 6-8 weeks before your wedding. You will have at least one additional fitting in the meantime.The final fitting the week of or week before your wedding. Be sure to bring someone with you to this one, your seamstress will show them how to pull the bustle up on your dress.

What should I bring? 

Make sure to bring your shoes, undergarments and everything else that you will be wearing that day. It never hurts to get a little dolled up before. This will help you see how your wedding day will look once complete. We highly recommend this for your final fitting.



Your Bridal Appointment: What to expect

Yay for you!


Bridal Show…Check!


Dress… In progress!

We have been helping brides for over 7 years now! {Yay} We truly have the best job. If you are reading this, chances are you have just met us at a bridal show and are coming to visit one of our stores to find your perfect wedding gown. {You are going to be a GORGEOUS AFFAIRS BRIDE}

You scheduled your appointment and are anxiously awaiting the day. What comes next?

Here is what we suggest to have the best experience possible.

1. Bring heels. Spanx. And Lipstick! You need to be wearing most of the things you will be wearing on your wedding day. It will give you the best possible idea of what your final look will be. Lipstick just makes every girl feel pretty!

2. Have an idea. Of likes of dislikes of budget. You are searching for {THE ONE} help us help you! Let us know all the details of what exactly you are wanting for your perfect dress. We surely have it!

3. Bring a few. Not everyone, but someone- A few {LOVING} people that are close to you will pave the way to success. Too many people = too many opinions. All ladies have their own sense of style and it might not be what your sense of style is. Too many opinions may end the appointment with hurt feelings {0r trying to please all} instead of a YES!


4. Stay hydrated and eat before. Han-gray is not a good feeling. Water is welcome {and champagne is water in our opinion}.


5. Be optimistic. Your stylist knows the dresses and might suggest something you might not think is worth trying on. The ugliest dress on the rack is the prettiest dress on the bride {YES, sometimes it really is- TRUST US}


We are so exited to help with your perfect wedding attire and can’t want to meet you.

Say YES to your Vendors

With planning the perfect wedding comes certain expectations. It’s YOUR DAY after all! You get 1 wedding and you need a team of pros to pull it all off. The big question, how to pick the right team to work with?!

1. Follow your gut. You checked out their social media, their website and maybe even their client testimonials. Did you get {warm fuzzies} or {cold pricklies} ? Even a business that has the best reputation might not be the best choice if you don’t “hit it off” Communication is key- you have to work with someone you vibe with.


2. Are they in the budget? Even if you find the perfect {Dress, photographer, honeymoon destination} Can you make it work from a financial aspect? You may need to move other things around. Nothing is worse than 2 years of credit card debt.

3. Is your date available? If not, can you set an alternate? All the stars must align for your {DREAM TEAM} to come together

4. Do they offer a discount? Some vendors offer a discount on their products or services if you book during a show, pay in full or purchase more than one service. It never hurts to ask.


5. Stay within {budget}. No one likes that word. Wouldn’t it be nice if “money tree” was an item you could put on your registry? It’s not. Find out what you can afford and stick to it. You will be happy when you can have that new couch {table, mini-vacation, etc}. It will be so much better than that extra {FILL IN THE BLANK}

Market Recap: Top Trends for 2017

As you know we recently went to {Market} in Atlanta. Floor by floor we went through the marketplace to search for the best of the best! We are so happy with our purchases!

First things first. These pretties won’t be in-store until at least the end of the year.

It’s all in the details. The modern bride wants something different , something unique. The 2017 lines promise that.

Color . Not everything is bright white. Soft shades of ivory and champagne are the mainstay.

Bridesmaids are starting to show colors. Dull blues and dark deep wine shades are replacing the neutral pallate that we have seen so often.

That back. No longer is is about the bodice or necklace- check out the backs on these.

Keeping the budget in-check. So many budget friendly options. We are thrilled to offer gowns starting under 1k this season!

Shipments will start to arrive in-stores later this year. Stay tuned on social media for updates and sneak-peeks!

Yay for Bridal Show Season

Weddings are {Forever} but planning comes FIRST!

Your entourage + cocktails + being able to plan your entire wedding in one place = THE BEST SUNDAY EVER!

Show season is underway and we are so excited to see everyone at the upcoming shows! No Matter  if  you are planning your wedding in the lakes, Fargo-Moorhead, or Grand Forks area- we have an event for you!

10.9 – ” I do”

10.16 – “A Grand Bridal Event” – tickets for sale in-stores

10.23- “Bridal Fantasy” – tickets for sales in-stores

(Click on links for more information)

Plans made. Check.

Time to prep.

Shows usually start at 12. Pre-registration is key. Not only will you save money on your tickets prices, you won’t have to wait in line. {Smart}

Typically, the show will be hosted in a hotel that serves brunch {hellos mimosas} Sunday FUNDAY.

Bring labels. Booths will have door prizes and who wants to write {and re-write} contact information over and over again.

Dress cute! When you win the {Grand Prize} you want to look your best!

Bring your checkbook. { or credit card} Most vendors offer a show special or discount for booking on the spot. You wouldn’t want to miss out!

Oh and in case you are wondering, we are giving away {PRIZES} including (2) grand prize certificates at two of the above shows! Don’t miss out on your chance for a {FREE DRESS}!!

See you soon!

It’s time for Market!

We are so excited!


This coming Tuesday we are headed to {Atlanta} for VOW!  We get to preview all that is new and upcoming in fashion trends for 2017.

Even though we cannot say for sure until we sit through the runway shows, below is what we are expecting to see.


More sparkle/less lace

Fabrics with more texture to them


Stunning illusion backs


Bridesmaids with sparkle, uniqueness in styles that flatter all body types


2 Piece looks


What do you want to see? We buy with YOU {THE BRIDE} in mind! Brides come in all shapes and sizes and we want to have something for everyone.


Stay tuned to our social media for a play by play {and photos!!}


The end of the road

We are mid-season. Chances are your wedding might have already taken place or is going to very soon. For many, there comes a point of sheer exhaustion. What started out as a labor of love (literally) has now become just plain labor. DIY now stands for “Done involving yourself”.

Your maids hate their dresses. Your RSVP’s are coming in at a slow pace. You can’t decide on your first song- and no one shares your stress. Sure, your fiance cares that you are upset- but nothing they do seems to help. You want your mommy… but you are still spatting over the cake flavor. What’s a bride to do?

Stop. Just stop.

Stressed out

All of these things. The things that seem like the worlds biggest problems will soon be gone. Funny as it sounds, awful as it sounds- Try to embrace these issues. They are your stresses today and your memories tomorrow. There will come a time, that you will sit back and reflect on these times and simply laugh. You will think “I can’t believe I was so upset over centerpieces”. Sure, it is not a laughing matter today, but one day it will be.

If something is causing you so much stress, delegate. Chances are, you have people asking what they can do to help you- let them help you.

Yes, this is your wedding. Yes, you want everything to be perfect.

Sometimes, it’s not perfect. Life happens. Remember the end is in sight. You will have a wedding day. It will be the best day of your life. At the end of that day, you will be part of something much bigger. Bigger than RSVP’s, first dances, crabby maids or anything else. You will gain a family member- and become something much bigger.

As you sit reading this, you might be stressed to the max. Over it. Done with planning and ready for life after the wedding. That time will come soon enough. For now, silly as it seems- enjoy this time. It will come and go quicker than you could imagine.