The end of the road

We are mid-season. Chances are your wedding might have already taken place or is going to very soon. For many, there comes a point of sheer exhaustion. What started out as a labor of love (literally) has now become just plain labor. DIY now stands for “Done involving yourself”.

Your maids hate their dresses. Your RSVP’s are coming in at a slow pace. You can’t decide on your first song- and no one shares your stress. Sure, your fiance cares that you are upset- but nothing they do seems to help. You want your mommy… but you are still spatting over the cake flavor. What’s a bride to do?

Stop. Just stop.

Stressed out

All of these things. The things that seem like the worlds biggest problems will soon be gone. Funny as it sounds, awful as it sounds- Try to embrace these issues. They are your stresses today and your memories tomorrow. There will come a time, that you will sit back and reflect on these times and simply laugh. You will think “I can’t believe I was so upset over centerpieces”. Sure, it is not a laughing matter today, but one day it will be.

If something is causing you so much stress, delegate. Chances are, you have people asking what they can do to help you- let them help you.

Yes, this is your wedding. Yes, you want everything to be perfect.

Sometimes, it’s not perfect. Life happens. Remember the end is in sight. You will have a wedding day. It will be the best day of your life. At the end of that day, you will be part of something much bigger. Bigger than RSVP’s, first dances, crabby maids or anything else. You will gain a family member- and become something much bigger.

As you sit reading this, you might be stressed to the max. Over it. Done with planning and ready for life after the wedding. That time will come soon enough. For now, silly as it seems- enjoy this time. It will come and go quicker than you could imagine.

Modern Wedding Etiquette: Help with Sticky Situations

With planning comes certain etiquette standards that must be upheld. Yes, we live in modern times. No, this doesn’t give you (or your guests) a free pass to be rude. We have answers to some  sticky etiquette questions that you (or someone you know) might encounter this season.

Do I really need to mail “Save the Date” cards? 

No, not usually. Save the Date cards are appropriate and intended for those couples who might be planning around a holiday weekend, have very busy friends and family, or who are planning an extended engagement. Think of them as a pre-invitation. They are sent out with the simple purpose of letting someone know they will be receiving an invitation to your big day.

Do I really need to buy shower gifts for every shower? How about the bachelorette party?

If you are invited to the party, bring a gift- especially if you are in the wedding. With that being said, it doesn’t need to be elaborate or super expensive each time. Maybe the couple registered for drinking glasses- bring one set to each affair. Does that bride (or groom) bake? Buy different baking dishes so at the end of the showers, they have a full set. There are so many creative ways to be polite.

Who gets invited to the rehearsal supper? 

The entire wedding party, their dates or spouses and children. Also, the officiant and your parents. Don’t forget to extend the invite to out-of-town guests who have taken time from work and traveled to celebrate with you.

Do I need a gift opening?

The gift opening is a tradition that does not need to be maintained. Although it is fun for some to see what the new couple has received for gifts- for most, they would rather sleep in or hit the road home. Many couples now do this in the privacy of their own home. If you do host one, plan to feed the people who come.

Do kids have to be invited? 

This is a sticky situation. Think about the people you are inviting. Do many of your friends have small children? Does your family have a lot of little ones?

Do you want them to come?

If your crowd is mostly adults or are big party people, you might be safe keeping it adults only. If your group has kids, you might be offending the people you are closest to. Do what you want to, but expect some just won’t come.



When are you having a baby?

“So, when are you having a baby?”

How many times have you been asked this question?

If you are planning a wedding, recently married or engaged-the chances are pretty likely.

Eager friends and family members just can’t wait!

Maybe you have plans to start (or expand) your family right after the ceremony. Then again, maybe you just don’t know.  Below are our favorite answers to the popular question.

  • We already have one and she/he is perfect! (This works with a fur baby just the same)
  • Although it’s been fun trying, we aren’t really sure just yet.
  • What a great question… I wish we knew the answer!
  • At least 9 months from now.
  • Well I just married one, not sure if I want more yet.
  • As soon as we get through our student loans, we don’t want to pay for tuition and diapers at the same time.
  • We aren’t sure, what about you?
  • We might start trying in _____  years/months
  • For now, we are just going to enjoy being married. No one knows what the future holds.

Happy 4th! Holiday Weekend Reset

At least it’s a short work week this week (fist pump)

If you are human, chances are you may have overindulged a little bit this weekend. We did! Around here, a food baby is the sure sign of a good time. Darn you Pinterest.

Let’s de-bloat and get back on track! Feeling in control is the best.  Some of our favorite ways to get back on track and into the swing of things are below.

Plan it out. Got meetings? Need to get that cardio in? Write it down and schedule a time to do it. If you write it down, you are more likely to do it.

Drink water. Lots of it. Water cleans your system out and refreshes your body from the inside out. Flush out those toxins and refresh yourself. Don’t like it plain? Try adding cucumber or lemon to it.




Eat colorful! Fruits and veggies are pretty and are more filling that aunt Libby’s potato salad.

Sleep. Nothing will refresh your body more than to get a good nights rest. If you took an extended weekend camping or at the lake- spending some quality time in your bed will do wonders.

Tuesday is this weeks Monday- You got this!


Say YES to these shower themes!


It’s inevitable, you are going to have a bridal shower. Traditionally, you will get a corsage or flower pinned to your dress. Then, a series of somewhat embarrassing games will be played. Next, you will be served cake and punch -followed by coffee. Last, you will be showered with gifts. Some brides get 2, 3 or even more showers.

Although we are truly grateful for these celebrations- sometimes a break from tradition is needed. 

A bridal shower can be thrown by family, friends or even co-workers- really anyone who wants to celebrate your getting married.

Your shower does not have to play out like the above, you are a modern bride. You can help in the planning of and the events that take place at your party.

Below are some awesome new ideas we have seen and heard of from our brides:

A grown up tea party! Gather at your local coffee shop and have a real high tea. Serve hot and iced tea with an assortment of fine pastry items and finger food. Don’t forget the sugar cubes and milk. Spice it up by wearing cute dresses and hats.

Get a little sassy with a lingerie inspired shower. This one might be better attended by friends or co-workers. Make sure the hostess knows your panty and bra size. Marriage lasts forever, you can never have enough sassy clothes.

Love to bake? How about everyone bring their favorite sweets recipe along with a baking dish or serving piece. Each guest can share about their “sweet” gift and a memorable bonding experience will be had.

Maybe cooking is your thing- use the same concept as above.

Wine and Chocolate? Beer and Bacon? – Although we prefer the former, this is your party! The menu should fit your tastes.

Showers are a fun time to spend with loved ones- the themes you can use are endless. It’s okay to break away from tradition.



Asking for gifts is tacky, isn’t it?


You might think a gift registry is old school. Maybe you think it’s tacky. You don’t want to seem greedy “asking” for gifts.

Well guess what?!

People are going to buy you a gift for your wedding anyway. It may as well be something you would like and can use.

With that being said, you don’t have to go overboard. A gift registry can be as simple or as crazy as you want.

I was married at 27 and had been living on my own for a while. My husband was in the same boat (29) We had many of the common household items already. We used our Target gift registry as a way to upgrade and update some of the items we already were using. Once we received gift items, we were able to “donate” our starter items to younger siblings.

Maybe this is your circumstance, maybe not.

If you are new and just starting out, think of the little things. You and your future spouse might need a lot as you get settle into married life. Register for items such as towels, measuring cups and even serving spoons. All these things add up and when you are just getting started.

A traditional gift registry might not be your thing, that is okay. Contact your local travel agent and have them set up a “honeymoon registry” for you. This way, you can go on your dream honeymoon or do extra excursions while there if you already have one planned.

Tech savvy? Amazon has a gift registry as well. You don’t even need to leave your home- and neither do your guests. This is very convenient for those who might be traveling from afar (or celebrating from afar). Nothing beats 2 day prime shipping.

If you truly don’t need or want anything for your wedding, there are registry options for you too. Ask guests to donate to your favorite (or their favorite) charity in lieu of wedding gifts. There is a worthy cause out there that could use your support, trust me.

Now that we have established why you should register and gone over some options- consider these etiquette suggestions.

  • DO NOT – I repeat do not put your registry information on your wedding invites. This is tacky. Your registry information goes two places. (1) your wedding website (2) your shower invites. People will find out your registry information.
  • Register for different items at different price points. You want your guests to have options that fit the budget. Registering for only high end items is not the way to go.
  • Check on your registry often. If the selection for people to pick from is dwindling- add more items. This is really important in the two weeks leading up to a shower or your wedding day.
  • After every shower, after every party and after every gift is opened- Send a “Thank You”. A handwritten message is the way to go. There is nothing sweeter than a personalized “Thank You” expressing gratitude for a gift received. You might not dig the squirrel feeder your cousin gave you- but they thought it was neat. They thought you would like it. That is what matters.

Even though a gift registry might seem like a thing of the past, it’s not. There is a reason why they exist and most importantly- why you should have one.

You get married one time, embrace the motions. Go to the store or grab your laptop – and get registered. 



What should I wear?!

Wedding season has as excited and dreamy eyed… Then arises a problem most people share during this most lovely time of the year… “What should I wear?!”

If you are the bride or a bridesmaid – you have it figured out (or so we hope)

If you are one of 50-300 people attending said wedding… you might be trying to figure it out.

From engagement to dress shopping to shower- it seems like forever is the amount of time before the actual wedding. Summer turns to Fall…turns to Winter…turns to Spring… Then it’s Memorial Day and the wedding is 6 weeks away!…. (entering freak out mode)

Behold our handy guide to shopping as a guest of (or mother of, or personal attendant of..etc) 

  1. Matching the wedding colors is a big no-no. “The colors are plum and gray…I’ll wear plum” No… just don’t. You are not the ink color on the invites or a bridesmaid. Don’t try to be. The key here is to compliment the colors- not to match the colors. Try navy, silver or even a soft pink. Steer away from anything too bold (neon color, clashing color) But please, do not try and match. Does emerald suit you? Go with it!
  2. Go shopping with an open mind. The task set before you might be challenging… Don’t make it harder. If you walk into a store and say ” I want sleeves, a long dress, with lace… and a sash” – you are limiting yourself. Try things on, you never know. The ugliest most un-attractive dress on the rack might look AMAZING on. You never know. Trust your sales-person. After all, it’s their job to find you something to wear.
  3. Unless it’s your wedding. Do not… DO NOT- wear white, ivory or champagne. You have 364 other days to be the center of attention. Give this one up.
  4. Quoting one of ours, “…avoid the 3 b’s... no booty, no belly, no boobs…” enough said.
  5. Go fancy! The average person dresses up once every 2 years. Make this event special You are at the wedding because you are special to the couple, it is their special day- Go BIG! Everyone likes dressing up (once in a while) It doesn’t happen that often. Take advantage. (Get that pedi, buy the shoes, splurge on the dress- it’s okay)
  6. Despite what you think, you are gorgeous. Your arms are not fat– neither is your belly. This day is not about YOU. It’s about the bride and the groom and their love. As much as you are concentrating on your imperfections (or the lack thereof) Despite what you think: The focus will not be on you. It will be on the couple getting married and the energy of the day.
  7. Just be comfortable. Find something that fits- something that you feel good in. If you feel comfortable and beautiful, you will enjoy the day more.Your positive energy will flow into the day.

The day will come and go quicker than the engagement. Enjoy the time and being able to witness a milestone in a loved ones life.

Let go of insecurity, preconceived notions – and the idea that your attire will be remembered.

Now, with that wedding coming so quickly, it’s time to start shopping!